The Mission of Stella Niagara Education Park is to instill in our students our Franciscan heritage in an academic atmosphere that nurtures them physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. This heritage is rooted in an understanding of the individual as unique, respected, and cherished. Stella Niagara is a community sharing a purpose and interest both in individual achievement and social responsibility.

Our Philosophy

In the context of a Christian environment, the student is nurtured and supported in the development of individual, creative, and intellectual abilities and God-given talents.  Growth in personal faith, worship and values is integrated with a sense of social responsibility.

Academic excellence is a hallmark of Stella Niagara’s education programs.  Meeting the needs of the student at each particular stage of growth provides the underlying structure of the educational programs upon which the development of the student’s academic and social skills are based, along with his or her critical thinking and decision-making process.

Fostering growth in self-awareness, self-esteem and self-expression is also fundamental to the structure of the program.  At Stella Niagara, parents are involved and seen as the primary’s through this partnership with parents that the educational program is truly successful.