It’s Our Nature Summer Camp

The 2017 “It’s Our Nature” camp was held in July. Five Stella Niagara teachers with the help of 15 volunteers, including many Stella Niagara graduates, hosted 50 campers ranging in age from 3 to 10 years old. The “It’s Our Nature” camp focused on providing opportunities for campers to experience the outdoors in a fun, educational setting. The campers participated in a variety of hands-on activities throughout the day focused on the theme for the day. This years themes included birds, fish, sun and rainbows, trees, and water. The types of activities included arts and crafts, games, movement and music, nature hikes, nature appreciation, and science. New this year was an end of camp performance for family and friends of the campers!

The campers had a great time exploring the Stella Niagara campus and the Stella Niagara Preserve. Here are some of the great activities our campers enjoyed:

Fish Day

  • Invasive Fish Game – learned about Round Gobies and the impacts of gobies on the Great Lakes
  • Fred the Fish – learned about the impacts of pollution on organisms that live in water
  • Create your own fish – learned about the structures and functions of fish body parts, created their own “mixed-up” fish and habitat
  • Gyotaku fish painting
  • Music and Movement

Sun and Rainbow Day

  • Human sundial during our shadow study
  • Making rainbows with prisms
  • Creating a rainbow maker to take home
  • Smores baked in our solar ovens
  • Music and Movement

Bird Day

  • Migration Game – learn about the hazards of bird migration
  • Food for Brood Game – learn about energy put into raising hatchlings
  • Bird Bone – experimented to learn about the strenghth of bird bones
  • Made a bird feeder to take home
  • Music and Movement

Tree Day

  • Functions of tree parts activity
  • Invasive Species Game – Emerald Ash Borer
  • Erosion Experiement – learned how trees protect rivers and other bodies of water
  • Made forest critter crafts
  • Music and Movement

Water Day

  • Collected critters from the vernal pool and investigated the critters with magnifiers
  • Played the water cycle game
  • Made giant bubble makers
  • Played many water games
  • Free water play time including the water wall
  • End of camp performance

As the title of the camp says, it’s our nature to create, discover, explore, grow, investigate, learn, and play and our campers enjoyed all that Stella Niagara had to offer!