Mrs. Sinski

Curriculum Consultant

Year joined Stella Faculty:



I have been a teacher at Stella Niagara for over 30 years and have enjoyed every one of them.  My children, now adults, also attended Stella Niagara. I and they firmly believe the education they received in their elementary years served as a basis for making them the successful adults they have become.

Teaching Philosophy:

Every child can be successful. Children learn in different ways, therefore I try to include a variety of teaching styles in my lessons presented to my students

Describe what students will learn in your class:

I strive to make my students independent thinkers.  It is important for children to realize that there is more than one way to approach a problem.  Different method often lead to the same result.  That does not make one approach any more correct than the others.

Favorite Quote:

“You can do it!”

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