School Lunch Menu

The cost of lunches for the 2018-19 school year will be $2.75 per lunch. Students may purchase a lunch card good for 20 lunches for $55. Per New York State guidelines, lunch cards may not be shared by siblings. The cost of milk is 50¢ and a milk card may be purchased for $10. Hershey's Ice Cream may be purchased for 75¢. A check or cash may be sent to the school office for the lunch program.  

September Menu

As per NYS guidelines, charging lunches is not encouraged. However, if a student for whatever reason does not have lunch, we will see to it that they have something to eat. The guidelines state that after five lunches ($13.75) have been charged, we can provide a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a cheese sandwich and milk. It is in everyone best interest to keep current with lunch cards or purchases.

Every family should have received the informaiton about the Federal School Lunch program. Please read the letter as you may be eligible. If you have misplaced your application but would like to apply, please contact the School Office.

Download printable lunch menu here