It’s so simple to earn while you shop!

As you know, we have been trying to encourage parents to use SCRIP through our school newsletter and our Facebook page. It’s always great when you receive a letter from a parent encouraging other parents to support the initiative you are promoting. Please read this letter from Heather Shepherd:

Fellow Stella parents,

My name is Heather Shepherd & my son is in Miss Hibbard’s class. I wanted to share my experience with Scrip.  Initially I was overwhelmed with the ordering process. I didn’t realize how easy it was to use. I thought you HAD to fill out the form & wait for the gift cards. What I didn’t know is you can also create an account online & save the site as an “app”. All you have to do is enter your checking info & you’re ready to start ordering. The majority of retailers offer eGift Cards which can be used online or in store. Once you select your card(s) you select Presto Pay & your card will be ready to use in just a minute or two. 

This really is an easy way to help support Stella. In six weeks I’ve earned almost $40 on just everyday purchases. Recently we ran to Old Navy for school clothes ($100), Applebee’s for lunch ($30) then got groceries at Walmart ($80). That trip alone earned Stella $18.40!  

Christmas is coming. If every Stella family purchased $100 at Walmart or Target for “Santa” Stella would get $255!  If every family purchased $100 groceries at Tops for the month that would add up to $510!  Imagine if every family did that for a full year. Stella would earn $6120!  Of course you can still order through the school but the “app” really streamlines the process & it’s so convenient. 

To get started:

School code:

Sign up for your account. Enroll in presto pay using your checking routing/account #

Once done go to:
Add to your home screen so you can use it on the go. 

If you have any issues contact Scrip customer service. I’ve found them to be very helpful. You can also reach out to Beth at Stella at

Your friend,
Heather Shepherd