School Counselor

What is School Counseling?
"Young people are living in an exciting time, with an increasingly diverse society, new technologies and expanding opportunities. To help ensure that they are prepared to become the next generation of parents, workers, leaders and citizens, every student needs support, guidance and opportunities during childhood, a time of rapid growth and change. Children face unique and diverse challenges, both personally and developmentally, that have an impact on academic achievement." ASCA

Implementation of the Counseling Program by:
• Providing Academic Support
• Career Awareness
• Individual Student Planning
• Individual or Group Counseling
• Outside Referrals
• Consultation, Collaboration and Teaming
• Character Education Classes
IEP and 504 Plan Implementation

After School Activities

The after school activities at Stella Niagara Education Park strives to provide students with opportunities and experiences outside the classroom that develop and encourage individual talents and abilities, as well as offer enriching activities and new experiences that foster growth and development.

Each semester all students have the opportunity to join the after-school clubs moderated by the teachers at SNEP. Typically, there are 4-7 clubs from Monday to Friday across all grade levels. 

In September and December parents receive a booklet describing each club with registration forms and deadlines.

Extended Care

Stella Niagara Education Park offers extended care for students from 3:00 to 5:45 p.m. daily on days the school is in full session. This program is a semi-structured environment that includes crafts, games, playground/gym activities (weather permitting), and quiet time for reading or homework. Daily snacks are offered to each student. An hourly fee is assessed for the Extended Care Program and is paid weekly to the supervisor of the program.

Guidelines stating the specifics of the Extended Care Program and procedures for registering, student pick-up, payment and emergency information are published in the annual mailing at the beginning of the school year. Parents interested in more information should contact the school office.

To contact the afternoon Extended Care classroom, please call 716-754-4311 x 435.