Drama Club

The Drama Program at Stella Niagara Education Park is unique. Students in grades 4-8 have the opportunity to attend weekly Drama Club meetings during which we play theatre games, perform improvisations, learn vocal projection, stage movement and choreography, develop strong interpersonal relationships within and between the grades, and rehearse for two shows each year. By participating in the Drama Program at Stella, our students develop confidence, poise, self-control and dedication—positive attributes that develop a caring heart, a strong mind and a disciplined body.

At Stella Niagara, we believe that one of the best examples of school spirit is what you will see on the Stella stage.  Our productions are the result of hundreds of hours of effort on behalf of many faculty members from Montessori to eighth grade, from homeroom and specials teachers, from parents of Drama Club members of the past, the present and the future, from alumni, and, most importantly, from our kids: the actors, singers, dancers and stage crew. If we are to believe in movie musical truths, then the best things happen while you're dancing, (and singing, and dancing, and moving periaktoi!) 

Here is a list of our past productions:

2016-2017 - Singin' in the Rain
2015-2016 - Disney's Aladdin, Jr.
2014-2015 - The King and I (G2K)
2013-2014 - Godspell, Jr.
2012-2013 - Oklahoma (G2K)
2011-2012 - State Fair (G2K)
2010-2011 - Cinderella (G2K)
2009-2010 - Fiddler on the Roof, Jr.
2008-2009 - Once Upon a Mattress (G2K)
2008-2009 - Spoon River Anthology (a joint production with Theatre in the Mist)
2007-2008 - Annie, Jr.
2006-2007 - High School Musical, Jr.

Drama 112 Schedule

Upcoming Rehearsals

The show actually starts at 7:00 on Friday, January 18...therefore…



Call will be at 6:15  and curtain will be at 7:00.

Remember, everyone in the alphabet show needs to have a blank t-shirt so that we can pin your letter to it.

Monday, January 14:  3-4:  Drama Dance, Lucky Penny, Liturgical Dance, Matchmaker, 4-5:  8th grade

Tuesday, January 15:  3-4:  All 4th and 5th grade skits, 4-5:  Eighth Grade

Recess rehearsal on Monday and Tuesday will be for the Farmer and the Cowman.  All Drama members must attend.

Wednesday, January 16:  3-5 All

Thursday, January 17: 3-5  Dress Rehearsal