Zoom Reopening Sessions

Reopening Committee

Donna Bennett
Kate Cumbo
Anna D’Aloise (now Anna Ieraci)
Bernadette Franjoine
Dr. Meghan Jacobs
Karmell Macoretta, NP
Jennifer Pauly
Julie Perreault
Mary Beth Smith
Sr. Margaret Sullivan
David Taylor
Nancy Trower
Sr. Mara Walton
*Dr. Tom Cumbo is our consultant

Distance Learning Committee

Jennifer Goodenough
Cindy Green
Lindsay Kijowski
Michael Simpson

A message from our Principal

Dear SNEP Family,

We have been through some trying times since March and here we are in July looking ahead to the reopening of school in the Fall.  My first thoughts are ones of admiration and gratitude for the resiliency of students, teachers, staff and parents throughout this pandemic.  Now we move forward, albeit with a new set of protocols and procedures, but on we go to a new school year – the 51st year of Stella Niagara Education Park.

Since we began the task of reviewing guidance documents from a variety of sources: (CDC, NYSDOH, NYSED, Buffalo Diocese, and the American Academy of Pediatrics) to name a few, we have learned a great deal regarding COVID-19 vis-à-vis schools reopening.  On this site we will either share those resources or lead you to the links so you can be informed. 

Our teachers have been working through the summer on a variety of topics, the major one being Distance Learning*.  Their work is ongoing and as we approach August and the opening of school it is our hope to be able to offer orientation sessions for parents and students to facilitate a smooth transition into this new school year. 

I am deeply grateful to the members of the Reopening Committee** who are working tirelessly to put together protocols and procedures for a smooth, and above all, safe opening of school.  As I shared with you in my letter of June 5, this committee represents parents, teachers, SNEP Board and the Sisters of St. Francis. 

We are on a new path and in a different environment, however, together with such talent, commitment and dedication, I am confident that Stella Niagara Education Park will not only survive, but will thrive as we move forward.  Working together is the key.

Should you have concerns, questions or a need for clarification, please contact us directly; I, and the committee, do not want anyone left confused or worried as we move forward in this important venture.

This site will be updated as new information comes in, and as we develop more details for the plan of reopening school according to New York State and Department of Health guidelines. 


S. Margaret Sullivan, OSF