Ms. Keudel

Third Grade


Miss Keudel started teaching at  Stella Niagara in September 2023. She has a Masters in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from Niagara University, Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Digital Media Arts, and an Associates from Erie Community College in Early Childhood Education.  Miss Keudel worked as a lead prek-3 teacher before joining Stella after completing her Masters.   During her time at Canisius, she spent a lot of time creating educational videos for the Network of Religious Communities teaching the community about different faiths and walks of life.  “My favorite video to make was an interview with a Holocaust survivor, I truly believe sharing one’s experiences in life helps others learn.”  On top of teaching, Miss Keudel runs her own small business creating Buffalo themed graphic art prints.  In her spare time she likes to sew and garden.


My passion for teaching stems from my childhood playing school with my cousins in my grandmother’s backyard.  Even from such a young age, I wanted to help and teach. I distinctly remember getting out library books and sharing with my younger cousin trying to help her when she struggled with reading. My philosophy is to have a fun and engaging classroom environment targeting the different learning styles children have.   I want to share my passion for knowledge and help as many students as possible.  I want to be able to reach the struggling students and engage them where they “get it”.  I want to be remembered as the teacher who cared about and believed in them.

Describe what students will learn in your class: 

Students will learn about multiplication, division, and fractions in math.  In ELA students will learn how to write opinions, informative, and narrative pieces using the hamburger method.  Students will practice using the writing process many times throughout the year.  Students will continue to practice their cursive writing skills.  In Science students will learn about forces and motion, weather, ecosystems, and plant and animal life cycles.  Communities around the world, maps, the US government, and important US landmarks and documents will be the basis of the Social Studies curriculum.  Throughout every subject we will learn how our Catholic faith intertwines through everything.  Not only will we learn our academics, we will also learn social emotional skills needed for every day life.

Favorite Quote: 

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” -Walt Disney

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