Important Info

What is SCRIP? It's fundraising while you shop!

How do you buy Gift Cards (SCRIP) from Stella Niagara Education Park?

  1. Order Physical Gift Cards: Use the attached order form to order gift cards, shop online at or through the RaiseRight App. Order each week by Tuesday at 9am & receive the gift cards on Friday. Note: use this method to buy Tops Gift Cards. 
  2. Order E-Cards: Use the Raise Right App for Electronic gift cards from many retailers or shop online at You can send eCards to yourself, or to friends and family as a gift! After purchasing, simply show the gift card on your phone or print the certificate and redeem it in stores. You may also use the cards on line by copying and pasting the code at checkout to apply.
  3. Reload Gift Cards: You may also reload many Gift Cards at You will see a little recycle symbol for cards that are eligible. Great for cards that you use frequently like Starbucks or Target!

How much extra does buying gift cards from SCRIP cost?

ZERO!! They cost you NOTHING EXTRA. You pay face value for any cards purchased. The retailers sell the cards to us at a discounted price. We use this profit to provide services for your children.

How can families reach their $100 rebate goal?

Purchase gift cards from the SCRIP program for places you shop regularly. Use these gift cards when you shop at these stores.  Don’t forget to ask grandparents, aunts and uncles if they’d like gift cards too! Grandparents and other family members are welcome to use their own account to purchase cards. TIP: $200 Tops gift cards a month will help you raise $100 by the end of the year!

Why do we want you to buy Gift Cards from SCRIP?

SCRIP is a great fundraiser for our school. Buying Gift Cards from SCRIP does not cost our families any extra money but raises THOUSANDS of dollars for our school. This money has helped to reduce the cost of tuition for our families. We need all families to participate as this is one of our school’s only fundraisers!